Small Business, Big Brand 

As a small business it’s hard to compete with the titans when it comes to branding. However, I’m here to tell you a few tips and tricks to come up with a branding plan for your small business.

1. Define your brand

Your brand is you. You are your brand. When you are first thinking about branding you have to figure out what your brand means to you. WHY are you providing the goods or services that you are providing?

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.07.19 PM

2. Personalize your brand

Your brand is a person. It is personal to you. You want your customers to think of your brand as a person so they feel comfortable providing the valuable feedback you desire.

3. Don’t try to mimic big companies

You are a small business. Keep it small. Don’t try to copy the big boys. Each small business is unique and you don’t want to lose your sense of purpose or your mission while trying to format your business like a huge chain or company. Your business is one of a kind so start branding like it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.06.02 PM

4. Speak in a consistent tone to your customers

Don’t jump around from college professor to student when talking to your customers. People will get confused. If people get confused they will leave. Keep your tone relaxed and consistent. This consistency and clarity will keep customers coming back.

5. Don’t repeat the same message over and over again

Don’t say the same thing all the time. Your customers will get bored and leave you. Figure out new and creative ways to deliver messages to your audience i.e. Videos, podcasts, pictures, info graphics, memes, etc. Stay fresh and current.

Your business’s brand is your baby. You have to teach it to talk and listen to people, to be creative, to be proud of its individuality, and you have to allow it to put its stamp on the world without gripping onto it too tightly.

Small businesses are an important part of America’s culture. However, there will always be competition between big business and mom and pop businesses.

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