Push V. Pull Marketing Strategies

Today, it is impossible to walk around outside or even sit at home without encountering some form of Push or Pull Marketing Strategy.

What is a Push Marketing Strategy?

A Push Marketing Strategy “pushes” a product upon consumers through trade shows or retailers.

What is a Pull Marketing Strategy? 

A Pull Marketing Strategy is an attempt to bring consumers to you. For example, through media or word of mouth.

Push Marketing in Action…

An example of Push Marketing is when manufacturers incentivise retailers to sell their products to consumers.

Pull Marketing in Action…

An example of Pull Marketing Strategies is when manufacturers use marketing promotions and advertisements of products like perfumes to “pull” customers to stores to buy their products.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.29.15 PM

Push and Pull Marketing Strategies Working Together…

An example of Push and Pull Marketing Strategies working together is when a consumer wants to buy a perfume like Chanel they will most likely encounter Pull Marketing efforts like a T.V. commercial or a billboard. After encountering these methods a consumer might then go to a department store where they will encounter Push Marketing Strategies like perfume displays or people selling perfume directly to consumers.

Although Push and Pull Marketing Strategies work well separately, modern marketing strategies use a combination of both Push and Pull Marketing to appeal to consumers and eventually land a sale.

Another interesting strategy to approach marketing is through the lens of Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on leadership called “The Golden Circle”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.30.44 PM

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